Hello world!

Hey people!  I have been itching to start this blog, and I am using National Poetry Month and the NaPoWriMo Challenge as my excuse to get the blog started.  I’ve already posted 2 poems to my personal Facebook page, but I will post the remainder of the month on here first.  Please let me know what you think about the poems.  Maybe we can play along with NaPoWriMo and form a chain poem.  I’ll start a line, and each of you can add a line…. Hmmm… imagine the possiblities of a never ending poem!  The lightbulb in my head is beaming!!!! 😉

But please note…this blog will not just be about poetry.  I consider myself a chameleon type personality.  I love learning new things, teaching and mentoring to others.  My style changes like the wind!  So my hope is that this blog will be the same.  We will cover Fashion, News, Hair, Makeup, love, kids, tv, music, God.  You want to talk about it??? Well, let’s go!

Anyone who knows me knows that almost every day I am all over the place, with a purpose…lol.  A thousand dreams and only 24 hours in a day to complete them all…Whats a girl to do??  

Getting moving! Just Do It!  Thats what! 🙂

So I am hoping that this blog will be a balancing tip for me and an inspiration for all who read it.  I’m just a real girl, a mother and a disciple for Christ.  I hope in sharing my joys, struggles, gifts and heartfelt moments, that we all can share in the beauty of God’s love, grace and just the beauty of life itself. 

Reciprocity is the goal here…You inspire me, and hopefully I can inspire you to laugh and smile on your way to greatness! 😉


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