NaPoWriMo Day 6

So the prompt for day 6 was to write a valediction.  I said I was going to do biblical poems, but this one popped in my head and when Poet speaks, I must grab my pen promptly and get to work. So here it is! This is a conversation I had recently with my closet. 😉

I’m on some new ish
like my boy Chris.
So through with this
Its just become ridiculous.
all the bitter fighting
and tempered regrets
Are met
In taunts of dismay
Cloaked in the tenor
of me screaming your name.
So deuces kid!
your stint is done.
From reality
I will no longer run.
Ive chosen to say goodbye to you.
Its over, we are through.
You will not haunt me anymore
with your ye old tales of lore.
A time when you were
So much more to me.
Now your just a faded memory
and its time to let the dream go.
Farewell size 4,
I don’t love you anymore.


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