Just a Word

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a talker. I’ll talk about any and everything! Especially when it comes to my kids. I truly feel if we just take the time to talk to them, really talk to them (not just the superficial “Hey, How was school?”), we could learn a lot about them and they can learn a lifetime from us.

Over the last week I talked to my little short people about time management. Although I didn’t quite use those words, lol! I tried to explain and use the morning as an example. For instance, if you want to watch cartoons in the morning before school, make sure you wake up on time and don’t dilly dally while you are getting ready. Pretty basic concept, except to my 4 year old soldier Micah. I think he loves sleep as much as his momma!

Last night our discussion was about time and cleanliness. They love to camp out in the living room, all cuddled up together between the couches. It’s so cute, that I often let them sleep out there several nights during the week. But the issue became them leaving blankets and pillows all over my living room…every morning. So we had a nice little chat last night. Lol.

Sometimes I feel like my talks go on overkill, because I’m trying so hard to hammer the point into their heads in ways they won’t forget. Or I think they are just nodding their cute little heads just to get me to be quiet already. πŸ™‚

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I woke up with the 7 am alarm and everyone was already up. The living room was clean, everyone was dressed…and matching…and fed…and clean…at 7..am…with smiles and generous ‘Good Morning Mommy’s. I had to take a minute to wipe the crust out of my eyes and say “Am I still sleep?” Lol.

The talk worked! For now…Lol. But it truly was the greatest feeling in the world. Not just to see the kids get it all together, but just to know that they were really truly listening means the world to me. It means my kids care what I think and feel about them. They delight in making me happy and are very remorseful when they know they have disappointed me. It’s a beautiful relationship that we share. And I make sure they know that all of that work isn’t just so we look good, and people like us. All that work isn’t even really about pleasing me. It’s about guiding them towards their purpose in life. It’s pushing towards them having a stronger relationship with God, and having the desire to please Him in and with everything that we do.

I know I’m a proud parent this morning and I pray and believe that God is too!
Lets see what happens on Monday!! πŸ˜‰



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