NaPoWriMo ~ Day 11 ~ No Tanka for me

I have literally been stuck on creating a Tanka…with no success. Got 2 lines on the notepad and my brain went blank. Then life got a little crazy. The last two weeks are kind of a tangled technicolor blur…lol.

As I’m typing, I’m sitting in a hospital room with my fiancé. He has a history of seizures and had another one this morning. (He’s ok, they’re just running the usual tests.) Funny how life works.. One second life is rushing you through your paces and in the next, life will put you in a complete standstill.

So since I’m anchored for awhile, I can finally write and post some things. It’s feeling very therapeutic right now. 😉

Since I couldn’t accomplish the Tanka, I just let Poet speak. Here’s what she said…

This shouldn’t be

I shouldn’t love you.
In love with you.

I shouldn’t think about
The ways that I do.

You deeply touch my
And I smile.

Those fleeting moments
In my head for a long while.

And I want you in my
But the harm that would cause

It always makes me
And withdraw

Can only take the pain of
In fleeting gilded moments

We both know that this is


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