NaPoWriMo ~ Day 12 ~ Journalistically me

Day 12!! What I call the venting prompt. I had to narrow down my victim target subject. Lol. I went for the easy draw… My grandparents! They raised me, and I love them to no-end. But

I just wish they would have let me pick my own path, instead of the road most frequently traveled. But alas, I am grown now, trying to put away the shattered dreams of my childhood.. šŸ˜‰

Here it is…

Journalistically me

Why couldn’t you just let me be

I was never bold enough to ask if
Into the future you could see.

I trusted that you knew what was
And the good Lord would take care
Of the rest.

But I know now that the first thought was wrong,
At least in part, cuz you gave me a great start.

But you could have let me sing my own song

Let me be
Journalistically me

I know there’s a lot of savoir faire
Chasing stories and headlines from here to there

And in your time being a journalist was a different climate.
But here I stand ready to climb it!
Yet you say no.

Accounting is good, thats the way you should go.
My spirit screamed ‘No!’
but I’m…

It is what it is
And here I am

Trying to reclaim the dream I once had
A writers life really isn’t that bad!


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