Generational Blessing

June 6 is a significant day. The day my grandmother was called home to God. My grandparents raised me and my little big brother (my nickname for him cuz he’s younger than me but bigger than me) and my cousin. I didn’t realize when I was younger what a blessing that was. When this day comes around each year, I can’t help but think about how much I miss her and how she influenced me, as a woman and a mother.

We were very sheltered kids, but having kids of my own now, I can appreciate why they were so protective over us. So many times I want to tell my kids “No you can’t” go here or there, but I do want my kids to experience things outside of the walls of our home. Lets face it. We can’t keep them locked away forever, but we can give them the tools to help them protect themselves and make good decisions. Hopefully. 😌
I believe that’s what my grandparents did. My grandma had a story for everything! Her little catch phrases and her stories about growing up on the farm and traveling with my grandfather and the Army, provided wisdom that I sadly didn’t truly appreciate until I was grown with kids of my own.

Even though we didn’t go out much, my friends were always welcomed in our house. A good friend of mine reminded me of that via my FB post about missing my gram. She treated my friends like her grands, and that taught me so much. Even though me and my friends went through our issues, good and bad, she always helped us celebrate or pick up the pieces. And she always had some good sweets to top it all off. Lol.

I try to be the same for my kids friends. It’s such a fine line to walk, being able to be trusted and kind of cool, but clear that you are parent and not friend. It amazes me sometimes how open my daughters friends are with me. Thank God it’s never been anything inappropriate, but I’ve been able to help them understand their parents point of view a little better.

I’ve had to check some behaviors and call some kids out, in front of their own parents. My love and care isn’t confined to our little hutch in this big world! I laugh sometimes because I’ll find myself repeating my grandmother verbatim and think, “Oh Lord, I am getting old!” And as frank as I am and how much I preach, for some reason they still want me around. For now. Lol!

My grandmother was everyone’s mom. Young or old, you could come to Grace and know she would find some way to help you, to bless you. Isn’t that what grace will do for you, according to our God? Ain’t it funny how He works. 😌


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