Starting Over


Boy, it’s really been a while..

I didn’t realize I had been away from my blog for so long. Admittedly, I had given up on my writing…the blog at least. I registered for a Communications program at a local community college and decided I would focus on getting my degree and my career, and nothing else.

But I’ve really missed just writing. Writing to share and writing just to breathe… I missed blogging.

This past week I was blessed with several opportunities to go to events related to career development and the Journalism/Media industry.  I learned so much from each workshop (which I’ll be writing about soon), but one phrase cemented and confirmed that it was time for me to pick my pen back up again…

“It’s not too late.”

Time and my age were definitely fear factors for me. At 36, with a family to provide for, I thought of my opportunities as being very limited, especially in the Media industry.

I was reminded this week, that yes, all things are possible with God.

So here’s to new beginnings. I’m changing a few things on the site, so stay alert and let me know what you think!

And be encouraged!  When you make that decision to follow your passion and purpose, the Alpha and the Omega will put all the elements in place for you to make your mark, through Him, on this world.

Step out on faith..and we’ll take this walk together. ♡

☞ I want to give you a little preview of some future discussions, a little snippet of the workshop with Stephen A.Smith.  This man has made his mark and is adamant that he is not done yet!

Stephen A. Smith on career in Media


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