Respect the Order


Well, here’s another one. Another rainy, cloudy day on the east coast. Dreary days tend to go one of two ways around me: either extremely productive or extremely UN-productive.  Today, I’m feeling the latter of the two.

When I grudgingly opened my email this morning, my daily inspirational message had the above captioned verse attached.  I admit, I had to really stop and think, as the message discussed doing things in God’s order, lest our progress will be hindered or completely derailed. I began to wonder, Am I doing something out of order, maybe moving too fast?

I let those questions slip to the back of my mind along with my first sip of coffee.  I checked my next email account to find a different daily devotional message. (When possible, I absorb inspiration from everywhere and send it anywhere my eyes may travel during the day!)

This one, from Diana Hobbs over at, is aptly titled ‘God is Ordering Your Steps’. (Anyone else see the irony, or divine influence, going on here? :-)) Before I could even finish reading the article, my heart was beaming.  I knew for certain what this article was addressing in my life… jumping ahead.

I think it is normal for most humans to try to spring forward, so to speak, our thoughts about what our future should be according to our experiences and mindset.  Who doesn’t enjoy daydreaming about fully living out our life’s purpose and the rewards that will undoubtedly follow suite, right? I feel like this message was God saying, “Slow down E.”

Yesterday I posted about extending your territory, and how true change in mindset doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s say this is the next wellspring from that statement.  I’m so grateful that with God, it’s not all or nothing. I don’t believe that God’s heavenly office has a mandatory 24-hr turnaround period. Meaning, He understands that there is a process to change.

In fact, according to this verse, He mandates a process!

Much like coal being converted to a diamond, some things in US must be refined before we are truly at our peak, and this can only be accomplished through God’s perfect planning and timing, with a pinch of our faith as fuel. (Remember that lil ole mustard seed?)

Have faith today, that His timing is beyond perfect, and you don’t have to force the issue or the change.  Remain diligent, seeking Him and the Word. Remain faithful, because He’s done it for you before. Remain hopeful, because He knows what He has planned for your future, and it’s ALL good, so you need not worry!!

Have a great day friends!


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