Move!!! Get out the way!!


I just love my best friends!!

Though we don’t get to talk as much as either of us wishes, it’s always a great conversation.  We talked, well texted, this morning about a situation I’m going through.  She is always a great source of real tough love and great encouragement.  I saw this picture on Facebook a few minutes ago, thought of our conversation and wanted to share with you all.

One of my best friends politely reminded me today that we all go through things in life. I learned from speaking to her that it’s about perspective.

We are so quick to try to assign blame and point fingers. But…It’s not about assigning fault and more so about realizing how our actions affect the people around us.  It made me realize, before I can truly move forward with my passion and purpose, I must get out of my own way.

After more girl talk, and some quiet reflection afterwards, I realize the steps I need to take to remove my self-induced roadblock.  And I understand that I may have to move the roadblock brick by brick, but it must be removed.

It won’t be easy friends.  But be encouraged.  Don’t let your thoughts or opinions, experiences or guilt, bind you as a roadblock to securing your blessings and accomplishing God’s purpose for your life.

You can make it!!!


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