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I wannabe a Def Poet.

I want to write poems

to make the whole world shout,

“Go ‘head girl!”


A poem to make you cry from laughter

Or cringe with pain.

Make you come tumbling after

Or dance inside my rain.


I wannabe a Def Poet.

I want to write poems

to make the whole world shout,

“Go ‘head girl!”


I want to write a poem

so someone can understand my thread,

feel the pulse that drove the pen

behind these thoughts inside my head.


I wannabe a Def Poet.

I want to write poems

to make the whole world shout,

“Go ‘head girl!”


A poem to follow my mission,

define my intuitions.

Make sense of all these lessons,

Refine my disposition.


I wannabe a Def Poet.

I want to write poems

that make the whole world shout,

“Go ‘head girl!”


one day.



NaPoWriMo ~ Day 12 ~ Journalistically me

Day 12!! What I call the venting prompt. I had to narrow down my victim target subject. Lol. I went for the easy draw… My grandparents! They raised me, and I love them to no-end. But

I just wish they would have let me pick my own path, instead of the road most frequently traveled. But alas, I am grown now, trying to put away the shattered dreams of my childhood.. 😉

Here it is…

Journalistically me

Why couldn’t you just let me be

I was never bold enough to ask if
Into the future you could see.

I trusted that you knew what was
And the good Lord would take care
Of the rest.

But I know now that the first thought was wrong,
At least in part, cuz you gave me a great start.

But you could have let me sing my own song

Let me be
Journalistically me

I know there’s a lot of savoir faire
Chasing stories and headlines from here to there

And in your time being a journalist was a different climate.
But here I stand ready to climb it!
Yet you say no.

Accounting is good, thats the way you should go.
My spirit screamed ‘No!’
but I’m obedient..so…

It is what it is
And here I am

Trying to reclaim the dream I once had
A writers life really isn’t that bad!

NaPoWriMo ~ Day 11 ~ No Tanka for me

I have literally been stuck on creating a Tanka…with no success. Got 2 lines on the notepad and my brain went blank. Then life got a little crazy. The last two weeks are kind of a tangled technicolor blur…lol.

As I’m typing, I’m sitting in a hospital room with my fiancé. He has a history of seizures and had another one this morning. (He’s ok, they’re just running the usual tests.) Funny how life works.. One second life is rushing you through your paces and in the next, life will put you in a complete standstill.

So since I’m anchored for awhile, I can finally write and post some things. It’s feeling very therapeutic right now. 😉

Since I couldn’t accomplish the Tanka, I just let Poet speak. Here’s what she said…

This shouldn’t be

I shouldn’t love you.
In love with you.

I shouldn’t think about
The ways that I do.

You deeply touch my
And I smile.

Those fleeting moments
In my head for a long while.

And I want you in my
But the harm that would cause

It always makes me
And withdraw

Can only take the pain of
In fleeting gilded moments

We both know that this is

NaPoWriMo Day 10 ~ The Natural

This challenge was fun for me. The challenge for Day 10 was to do an unlove poem. My poem was inspired by my challenge with going natural and by one of my favorite poems, ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe.

The Natural

You used to be welcome in my home.
We had a fond relationship
And I was lonely when you would roam

I used to embrace your presence
Visit you religiously
You were the epitome of my essence

Now I can’t tolerate the sight of you
So harsh and vicious.
Forgive us Father, We know not what we do

The way you burn me, scar me
The seething pain
As a child I remember the tears falling like rain

But I’m all grown now
No longer so vain
I’ve learned to live without you, Relaxer, some way, somehow

Natural beauty is all I want
Soft curls bouncing to the beat of the world
But from the shelf you still taunt

From way down the aisle
Calling my name as if I’m an addict
Reaking havoc
With your tainted smile, you beguile

But I will not be victim to you anymore,
Qouth The Natural, ‘Nevermore.’

NaPoWriMo Day 9 ~ All of the lights

So here is my Noir for the Ninth. I totally got stuck on this one. I was feeling like I had a Kanye West flow…and then it just disappeared. Lol! Tell me what you think and share any suggestions you may have. I could use the help!! Lol

All of the lights

Bright spectacular
Kaleidoscope vernacular
Electric atmosphere
I just love being here
Deep in the city
so lost in the night
Watching wandered souls
take flight

NaPoWriMo Day 8 ~ #ScandalObsessed

So the spiritual theme is on hold..lol. Just for a lil bit! I was ‘Scandal’ously inspired for the day 8 prompt to do an eight line Ottava Rima. Here it is!!


It’s become my weekly fix
And I guess I’m somewhat obsessed
With that handsome man named Fitz
And how he has Liv so possessed
She’s so acute when he’s not in the mix,
But so lost when their undressed.
Grab the wine and light the candle,
It’s time for Scandal 😉